don t break the sink-Use Snapchat pictures and share them with friends, colleagues

Quite recently there have been reports of hacking of user accounts of Snapchat and this resulted

in the leaking of photo contents. This thing exposes the vulnerability of the system and

simultaneously urge the developer community to update their software in such a way so that

these types of incidents do not get repeated in the future. It is no doubt a warning sign and

demands strict action on the part of the company to ensure that the data of the users are protected

from the attack of hackers.

Share life with the app

The app is of photo-sharing and users can store photos, videos in it. It is provided with a self-

destruct feature that allows the receivers to receive them for a certain length of time and after

that these photos are deleted from the app’s servers.

However, the company believes that it is because of user’s callousness that resulted in the leak

of Snapchat pictures thereby compromising the security aspect of the company. Their version is

that the Snapchatters were victimized by the third party apps that they used to send or receive

snaps. This act of the users was a clear violation of the Terms of Use as well as the Privacy

Policy of the company. The company officials also claimed that their servers were never

breached, but the compromise of the security is solely because of the user activity. But the

security researchers felt that it was the duty on the part of the company to take responsibility for

the leak.

A section of the experts is of the opinion that the app is safe and therefore is secure. However,

some feel that it is totally unjust to put the blame entirely on the user community. It has not been

long since the app came into existence. Though the creators of the app are trying their best to

improvise upon the existing software, yet there is enough that needs to be done in this regard.

In this respect it needs to be mentioned that after the hacking debacle, the authorities revised the

privacy policy and terms of use to incorporate additional points. It is therefore highly

recommended on the part of the users to go through the privacy policy.Don T Break The SinkDon T Break The Sink

Extraordinary popularity

The app, despite its humble beginning is incredibly popular among users. One can understand the

popularity of the app by going through the user reviews. Apart from showering praise for the

app, the users also provide invaluable information to improvise the app by incorporating

recommended features.

Designers and developers go through the information and ensure that they are encompassed in

the app and this adequately aid in enhancing the functionality of the app. In contemporary times

there are many companies that engage in website and app making. And as a consequence, there

is a tough competition on the part of these companies to excel in their activities and be at the

zenith of success. In such a tremendous competitive environment, it becomes immensely difficult

for new companies like the Snapchat to survive the test of time.

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