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Creator speaks on the creation of his creation

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps of the modern generation, and the creator of that app is

Evan Spiegel, who is dropout student of the Stanford University. But his app started its journey

from the Evan father’s living making its way into the application tally of most smartphones in

America and other parts of the world too. The creator of the Snapchat in an interview spoke

about the idea behind of making such an app with a unique disappearing feature.

Founded in the year of 2011, Snapchat started its journey as an app with sharing of photos,

messages and videos with the friend circle, which would disappear after the stipulated time, set

by the designated person.

The real story about the app

Inspite of having no revenue, Snapchat’s popularity is skyrocketing, which is the reason why the

media giants and all the multibillionaire investors are looking to use this popularity base of the

app from their beneficiary grounds,

• Development: This app of Snapchat was created, when a friend of the creator in the

college days came to him, and regretted a photo to be shared on the social network. So,

suddenly an idea of disappearing came to mind, and from there all started.

• Usage: The app is created by a set of developer, but the usage mainly is maintained

by the users of the app. The creator of the Snapchat Evan Spiegel just made this

application for fun to the youngsters, and to provide the easy way messaging to the

people, but they are using it from wrong grounds.

Disappearing feature

Disappearing feature of the app is one of the most renowned features of the app and the prime

reasons why the app has such a huge fan base. But the creator the app believe that its one of the

factors for which ponder the app as well.

Ten years earlier it took enough time to send a picture, but now with the invention of the

Snapchat, and other social media apps, all these features are at mere fingertips. And this is

the reason now why kids and youth are now into the use of such social media softwares which

allows the transfer of media files along with the instant messages.

Far more improve than just text message

Text messages in the years before had importance, but the youth today are looking for something

more than just. This is the reason why the people are more in the social messaging apps which

allows the transfer of medial files like pictures, along with voice messages and videos as well.

And all most all the features are served at Snapchat along with its unique disappearing apparatus

as well.

To sum up

People all over the world talk about the social media and its effect on kids and youth, and one

such social media app is Snap chat. The creator of the app is Even Spiegel, who is also the CEO

of the company. He says the usage of the app can’t be made with the prediction on the pattern of

usage, which is mainly dependent upon the users.

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