Snapchat CEO Prefers Claiming on Hackers- Denies Saying Sorry

Modern technology has blessed us in so many ways. By using the innovations of the high

technologies we have got a lot of mediums, those make us close with our friends and relatives, in

the sphere of communicating. In today’s world we are not too far from our nearest ones, we can

communicate them by just a little click of button. Social networking apps and sites are opening

various doors in front of us; by using those we can meet our buddies in the vast ground of social

networking sites and apps. 24 hours of communication is now in our hand with the person from

the extreme corner of the world.

Importance of Snapchat

Snapchat is such an invention of the high technology of the modern life. One can share emotion

and all the happiness with the friends and relatives through this app. This smart phone app makes

the communication easier. By sharing snaps one can share images, videos and messages.

Suppose you have gone for an adventurous travelling, you can share the thrilling adventurous

picture with your friends through this app. One can share the pictures of all the happy moments

with his/ her close one who lives abroad.

Various service of this app

The app allows all types of pictures and videos in this app. There is no restriction for the adults

and the minors; anybody can share anything they want. So, the people are getting more interest

to share explicit elements with their snapchat friends, and for that there is no boundary of age.

For this the adolescents and the teenagers are more involved in this app, those minors often share

their love pictures, nude images, adult videos for fun. But this fun often turns into a woeful

situation by the unfortunate snapchat leak. The private snaps are disclosed several times in

various websites by the hackers. The hackers even disclose the user name and the phone numbers

of the hacked users.

What Snapchat CEO says?

But the authority of snapchat app claims that the server of the app was not hacked, rather they

say that some third party apps are responsible for this unpleasant work. But critics claim that the

server of the app has been hacked as the internal security of the mobile app is very week. But we

see that snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel rather prefers to be angry on the hackers, he refuses for

apologizing. His appearance in an interview by NBC was a little bit frustrating, but there was no

sign of sorry feeling on the users. He makes himself and his app safe by pouring all the

responsibilities on the hackers. The hackers are obviously guilty but Spiegel should say a little

word ‘sorry’ to the snapchat users as the users have loosed their privacy by this app, claims

various mediums.

The snapchat users are getting the app a risky one, as the app does not secure a strict privacy.

The private information and the images are getting public in various websites. The authority says

that they are trying to provide more secure app to its users.

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