Do I look like Jasmine? Derp

What is this app?

This app is a photo messaging app, or an app through which photos can be sent. Just like

messaging apps, this app also helps the user in exchanging messages. The only difference here

is that people can click pictures, add text or drawing, and then send it to the receiver of their

choice, to be viewed only for a fixed time, after which the picture gets deleted forever. The sent

picture, often referred to as ‘snaps’ are sent with a timer on it, after which it’s get deleted.

Do I look like Jasmine? Derp

Do I look like Jasmine? Derp

What if they are not on this app?

You do not need to worry if you cannot find your friends on this application. Simply feed in their

mobile number on find friends feature and you will get to know whether they are using the app

or not. If they are not, the app will ask you to send invite to them. You can click send and choose

the way you want to send them invite with. You can also connect to your Facebookfriends

using this app. Along with that, this app gives you the opportunity of meeting new friends from

different part of the work and share your experiences, moments with them and experience their

shared moments.

Cost of sending snaps:

Like all the other features of this app, sending snaps also does not involve any cost. It is

completely free. You can send unlimited number of snaps to your friends and family without

worrying about mobile bill.

How to send apps:

Sending Snaps is a very easy process in SnapChat. The app opens straight in your phone’s

camera. Click the picture you want to send, add text or drawing to it, select who you want to

send it to, set timer and click send. You snap is sent. It is that simple and easy. You can send

snaps to your family, friends and facebookfriends as well.


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