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Snapchat introducing “personalized” ads – Will it be interesting or uncomfortable?

Even though apps like snapchat claim to be a social app with a difference when they initially

introduce themselves in the digital market, the natural course of things always leads them

somehow or the other on the same path – the one that leads to profit. After being a part of so-
called free social networking sites, the creators of this application has realized that by carrying

on like this they are going to end up bankrupt and hence as a drastic measure, they have decided

to start accepting advertisement sponsors. Since the highest number of users of this app is in

United States, the inauguration of this policy will be done through them as they receive the first

advertisement the coming weekend.

Method of introduction

In an desperate attempt to stay true to its word that it shall always remain different from most

other social chatting apps out there, the ads that are going to be introduced by snapchat are not

going to be “must-see apps” in the sense that the users will have the option of either viewing the

apps or deleting them without even seeing them. In contrast to some of the apps which force their

users to bear the ordeal of going through each and every ad that pop up on their screen in order

to continue using the respective apps, the advertisements in case of this particular application

will appear under a specific section called “recent updates”. In case the user decides to view the

advertisement, they can be rest assured that the advertisement, be it a video or an image, will not

be taking up any storage or internal space in their device, for just like some of the stock features

of this app include the trait of disappearing within the next 24 hours, so will these ads.
Do I Look Like A BatmanDo I Look Like A Batman

Individualized ads?

While the organizing team of snapchat has been all hush-hush about the content of their

introductory ad, they have promised their users that unlike most popular social apps which

feature ads which almost never bear any relevance to the likes of the user using the app, the ads

featured in this app will be innovative enough to target the specific interests of the users using

them. This is how they plan to appeal to the users who, according to them, will actually take out

time to voluntarily view these ads. However, though there has been no comment on this matter

so far from the creators, it is definitely a possibility that in order to sort out ads which will cater

to every individual’s personal taste, the app will have to make use of personal information such

as the location of the user, data accumulated through cookies and various other tracking methods,

which legally they are entitled to use, as such a clause exists in the terms and conditions that the

users have to agree upon before using the app itself.

Taking itself out of the group of free social networking sites is a big step for this app but as to

whether their scheme of making money ends up to be successful, only time will tell.

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