dnappedchat am i embarrassing-Snap chat – the productivity of awesome

A morning should be started with in taking the fresh breath from the around, feeling the first

morning dew upon your skin and chilling out a big-fat mug of hot coffee!!-well, you better

threaten this untimely morning snooze and wake up from such “never comes true” day dream,

because if you don’t do so, you won’t be able to log in on time!! Well you can’t partially blame

upon your boss, for having such pathetic morning welcoming, rather you need to accept the fact

that you are an unfortunate borne of the 21st century, which is better known as the decade of


Well, you don’t have much time to regret also; hence you have got to figure out all the positives

that you have got from this modern age. Though the modern age lacks several posterities, but

there are some extraordinary things that this age has bestowed upon you only to make your life

much easier. One of them is definitely the technological development that has made you the

children of awesome!! There are a millions o technological inventions that have really made your

monotonous life kind of awesome. The cell phone communication is one of them. Snap chat is

latest addition to this.

Snap chat, a droplet of fun

Back to the terrific scenario of your office cabinet!! Bouts of work pressure, no time for chit

chat, no leisure time to step outside- eventually make your mood tremendously low and soon you

find your concentration, working ideas are almost fleeting over your sun burnt head. The solution

is a token of fun, and snapchat is the most reliable source undoubtedly. Now before you arch

your eyebrows, you better get a clear idea about snap chat.Dnappedchat Am I EmbarrassingDnappedchat Am I Embarrassing

What is snap chat?

Snap chat is that modern age messaging application that allows the sender to attach a taken

photo or a recorded video clip along with the text communication, which eventually make the

entire communication even more fun and interesting. It’s the basic complains of the older

generation, that the modern age people are much more stagnant since, they don’t get enough

space for exhibiting their dormant emotion. So, the conventional cell phone communication

becomes the emotional dwarf of modernity that relies more on the materialistic productivity. The

advent of snap chat works as a splash of cold water since, through the added snaps; you will be

able to exhibit your emotion more prominently to the recipients. Though the usages of the

emoticons are widely popular amongst the youngsters, but the snap shot is somewhat better,

which allows you to attach your selfies, with expressing several shades of your emotions.

A curse or a boon?

Well like any other brainless-powerful, techno genie, snap chat can even appear as a black sheep,

if you cross the threshold of your limitation and get indulged to upload your hot and sexy

pictures along with any explicit chat. Though you can fix the limited duration, but if within that

short; limited span of time, the recipient manages to take the screen shot of it, you may fall prey

to the snapchat leaked photos.


So, you better know yourself first before you operate such a powerful app. If you want to be

friend with it, then you need to bid adieu to all your mischievous ideas and then only this app can

appear as a Good Samaritan for you.

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