Distance is a matter of fiction now

Distance has now become reduced as snapchat has entered the field of mobile application. Mobile applications play a big role in the life of ours. Can you imagine a day without mobile applications? They have turned into such a big part of our life. They have become some kind of necessary for our daily day life. The young kids and teenagers cannot stay longer for them. The most used application is snapchat. In a recent study, we have found out the fact that not only the kids, but the aged people are also interested in using the app snapchat.

A short note on the application:

It has nothing left to say that this application is a very unique one due to its special features that has thoroughly been successful in bringing people closer. In past days, when our loved ones used to live in distant places, both of them and us would miss the chance of living a worthy moment together and so we would feel a bit of estranged from each other. But since the time we have come closer in the touch of the application, our life has changed a lot.
The basic features of the application include:
1) Taking a snap of yourself of others and share it with others instantly.
2) Using the same you can record a video and then send it over to your desired recipient.
3) You can add drawings in the pictures and then add more liveliness to them.
4) You can set the time limit of the photos and of the videos as maintaining the ephemeral nature of the application.
5) Those were only the basic facts about the application. There are more to the store. Have a look at them.

Latest features:

1) Recently, the app has been designed to have a feature called ‘Discovery’. This is an upgraded and well researched program. The feature has many commercial channels as its partners. This application has been declared as the most successful feature of any application till date. Those who want to upgrade their knowledge and like to find happiness in knowing new things, the application is solely purposed at them.
2) Music has become a part of the application. Did you know about this? This new feature has made the music lovers become mad for the application. Some users have been asked about their opinions on this new feature and they have said that their experience with snapchat was smooth and happy, and since the time these new features, especially the music have arrived, their journey has become full of excitement.


Every day, the number of users is growing by thousands and by millions. Kids and youngsters have found it to be irresistible. So good the features are to be stayed far away from them. Life time memories are counted on the app of snapchat. Snapping has a matter of freedom and balancing our good relationship with our loved ones. Make new friends has even become easier and exciting. Go, have happy snapping with snapchat.

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