DIRTYkik-More than 650 Explicit Pictures Have Been Found in the Drop Box of Bay High School

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps in the world of social networking sites and apps. And

this popularity of the app is only for its usefulness among the users. This huge popularity for

such a new app like Snapchat is quite astonishing. It has almost defeated all others social

networking apps. Since its origin the app is getting a strong users’ support. Millions of people are

interested in using this app. The app is a picture sharing app. So, the users can share their images,

videos and messages with the friends through this app. The app has become the hot cake among

the young generation; the main users of this app are the teenage boys and girls. Those teens are

now engage in sharing their emotion and feelings with their friends.

Snapchat sex scandal in East Bay High School

A big sex scandal, regarding the Snapchat app, has been found in East Bay High School Social

of Lamorinda, Costa County. More than 650 nude pictures are found in the drop box. The

investigators are thinking that that picture was used for Snapchat. And as it is a case of a school,

the sensitivity of the case is very high. And it is reported that the pictures were dated as 4 years

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The investigation of East Bay High School Social

After this news police have undertaken the case. They are investigating the case in their own

way. They have said that they have known many things about those explicit pictures of the drop

box, but they have not disclosed all the things, for the sake of the case. But the teachers of the

school and the school committee are worried about this.

The popularity of the app and its users

The app is one of the most popular social networking apps. Even the popularity of the app is

getting increased more with the days. Now the total Snapchat users are more than 27 million, this

figure was 14 million a year ago. This increasing rate is enough to say the popularity of the app.

A repost have said that the half of the total Snapchat users are the teenage boys and girls of the

United States.

Most of the users of this app are the teenagfe4 boys and girls. And most of the users share nude

pictures, videos in this social networking site. Some also share their private photographs and

Snapchat videos. The explicit images, adult videos, nude selfies are common to this social

networking site. And for that the hackers are interested in hacking this app. Even they are

successful in hacking the severe of this app. And from there they have collected numerous

explicit objects. The case of the East Bay High School Social is really dangerous. The school

children share their nude photographs with their friends. And those pictures of this school are

from 4 years back. And for that it can be said that the users of those device had used those


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