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Snapchat Pictures Brings Light to Teacher’s Aide Inappropriate Conduct with Minor

A teacher’s aide is facing multiple felony charges for developing sexual relations with a

minor, a 14-year old student. As per the spokesman with the Weber County Sheriff’s office,

Lt. Lane Findlay, this relationship was secretly going on for two months before it was


Zachary Arrington was employed as a teacher’s aide and he befriended a teenage girl after

meeting her in the lunchroom. He had allegedly had inappropriate conversation with the

minor via text messages and social media. He even happens to exchange pornographic photos

through Snapchat. This cunning guy had used the innovative modern communication mobile

applications to serve its own need in a crooked manner.

Snapchat Pictures Reveals More

Zachary Arrington was teacher’s aide at the Quest Academy school in West Haven. He was

allegedly making sexual advances with minor just a 14 years old student through the use of

social media mainly Snapchat.

Arrington had used the social media app Snapchat to take intimate pictures of himself and

the minor. Allegedly the Snapchat photos between them began circulating among the

students. Police affidavit states that these pictures were mainly sexual in nature; it included a

game which is similar to strip poker. Police also confirmed that couple would rendezvous at a

local city park. Arrington is accused of sexually abusing the minor at the park.

Lt. Findlay has confirmed that there were other students who saw things that were essentially

inappropriate and the school was informed thereby.

School Authorities Timely Intervention Prevents Further Misdeeds

School officials became aware of the relationship only after the rumors bean to circulate at

the school. School conducted an investigation on their own to judge its authenticity and they

found Snapchat pictures of Arrington and the minor; thereafter they contacted the police to

take further appropriate action.

School authorities had fired Arrington in October of this year after these allegations came to

light. He had also confessed his crimes to the detectives regarding the relationship with a


Dave Bullock the Principal of Quest Academy has issued a release statement which stresses

on the point that there is no evidence to indicate that criminal or inappropriate conduct had

taken place within the school premises. The statement is as follows:

“The arrest of staff assistant Zachary Arrington comes as a surprise to us. A background

check was completed and cleared at the time this employee was hired.”

Arrington Faces Multiple Felony Charges

Arrington has been sent to Weber County Jail facing multiple felony charges. Different

charges faced by Arrington are as follows:

a. Sexual abuse of a minor as a third degree felony

b. Sexual exploitation of a minor as second degree felony

c. Obstruction of justice as a third degree felony

d. Two counts of dealing in harmful materials to minor as third degree felony

e. And misdemeanor count of enticing a minor.

Lt. Findlay has said that they got wind of this unwanted development quite and it didn’t

become more serious than it was already.

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