Depends Do You Wanna See-Snapchat Discovery: An Innovative News Service By Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing and popular messaging mobile applications. It is

famously known for its unique disappearing photos and video messages service which self

destructing within few seconds of viewing. Snapchat is looking for expanding its services to

video, news content and advertisement on its messaging service platform.

Snapchat To Bring Snapchat Discovery For Its Users

The relatively new start-up is now holding engaging talks with the advertisers and media

companies about bringing up disappearing new service called ‘Snapchat Discovery’. If all

goes well then Snapchat Discovery would be launched in November which would show the

content and ads to the users in the simple and engaging manner. Snapchat had stated that

their Snapchat Discovery had aroused the interest in providing the media and news related

content by more than a dozen media companies.

Snapchat Discovery has been made with simplicity of design and wide navigational scope in

mind for the users. Snapchat Discovery would allow the Snapchat users in reading

publications and watching videos and clips from the popular TV shows and movies just by

holding down a finger on the screen. Once they release the finger after watching the content it

would disappear from their app as it happens in case of the photos and videos on the

Snapchat.Depends Do You Wanna SeeDepends Do You Wanna See

Snapchat Grows Bolder and Better

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel had famously rebuffed a $3 billion acquisition offer from the

social media giant Facebook in the past. After being rebuked by the Snapchat, Facebook

went to launching a Snapchat copy cat app called ‘Poke’ which failed to attract any

audience. Now the ball is in the Spiegel court and he is determined to directly compete with

Facebook’s mobile media distribution plans with it Snapchat Discovery.

Snapchat Eager To Generate Revenue

Snapchat currently doesn’t offer any advertising opportunities of any kind. This California

based company had made a single dollar back to its developers and investors in the 3 years of

its operation. Though last year Snapchat had taken a step in that direction by launching

Snapchat Stories, which lets users and brands posts ‘Snaps’ which lasts for a complete 24

hour on its network and during that time it could be viewed multiple times by the user.

Snapchat Earlier Attempts At Generating Revenue

Snapchat have a huge influence and concurrence among the younger generation of the users

which amounts to half of its 27 million users. The advertisers and brands understand the

potential which Snapchat offers in reaching out to the younger audience on a wide scale. The

Taco Bell and McDonald’s had launched accounts on Snapchats to interact and engage with

Snapchat users. Snapchat had also made deals with the stars for distributing their branded

messages on its platform. Snapchat with social celebrities sometimes happens to make

around $30,000 per campaign for its efforts.

Big Names In Media and Advertising Houses Gets Serious About Snapchat Discovery

Snapchat is currently in negotiations with the Comedy Central, Vice, Spotify, BuzzFeed,

CNN, National Geographic, Vevo, ESPN and many more. All of them are very upbeat about

the launch of Discovery and they are promising to bring in valuable content for the Snapchat


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