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SnapChat had made it quite large since its launch. Many advocated that Snapchat co-founder

did a huge mistake by turning down the offer of ‘Facebook’, who tried to acquire it. All

those people believed that Snapchat will never be able to be a huge thing in the technological

world, as there is stiff competition, but what they could not think was that the co founders

could see something which a lot of experts could not. They knew snapchat was going to make

it big and thus turned down the offer. Today, Snapchat crossed all bars to become one of the

most used and most famous applications of the social networking world. Let us know a bit

more about this famous application, and what else than ‘Frequently ask questions’, can be

used to serve the purpose.

Did Snapchat recently apologize for lack of security?

No. The whole concept of the apology by snapchat was presented in the technological world

in a wrong way. Many websites even claimed that there was a huge collection of snapchat

leaked photos, and snapchat apologized for this breech in security. Well the fact is that a

security agency pointed out some defect in snapchat security system, which snapchat rectified

with special measures. But soon another agency proved that the measures taken by snapchat

were not enough. Snapchat apologized for this saying that the company is sorry for not

implementing best possible measure, and not because of any snapchat leaked photos or data.
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Snapchat screenshot does not have any restriction?

There is no application in the technology world that can prohibit or stop any of the

phone’s general function. Screenshot is one of the general functions of mobile phones, and

thus snapchat cannot control it. But unlike other applications, snapchat understands the

significance of snapchat screenshot, and thus informs you about it. In other words, if a

person, who you sent the snap, takes a snapchat screenshot, you will be informed by a


Snapchat sells snaps by storing them?

This is another myth. The idea of the app is to delete snaps after a set time. Thus, all the

snapchat pictures once deleted, have nowhere to be except for being deleted. Thus, there is

no danger or risk of snapchat pictures being misused or sold to a third party.

Snapchat works better on android, that is why snapchat android is more downloaded

than snapchat IOS?

It is true that snapchat android gets more downloads than snapchat IOS, but that is not

because snapchat performs better, but because android has more market share of smart

phones in comparison to IOS. Thus, more snapchat android is downloaded. There is nothing

related to performance of the application on operating systems.

Does snapchat allows text chat or only photo sharing?

Very few people know that snapchat also has text chatting feature along with photo

messaging. This means that using snapchat, one can send text messages also. This means

that long with photo messaging, one can also use Snapchat just like any other messaging


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