danika ordonez snapchat puns-People’s Liking for Snapchat’s Disappearing Feature

Snapchat has proved its popularity among the popular apps in the planet. This year the total user

of snapchat app is 27 million, which was 11 million in the previous year. In this app you can

share pictures, messages, and videos with your friends. You choose the object you want to

share, you have to select duration from 1 to 10 seconds and share it to your friend. The object

will arrive for only this selected duration, after that the app will automatically delete snapchat

pictures. This time limitation is the most important feature of the app. A user should know what

is snapchat. In short it is a photo sharing app, but people often share their private picture, love

picture, and their nudity in this app. And this causes the snapchat leak; all those social

networking pictures are disclosed publicly by the hackers.

Useful features of Snapchat

The snapchat app does not allow the snaps for the full time. They will exist only for the selected

seconds, which the sender selected. You can select time from 1 to 10 seconds for your object.

And perhaps for this reason the users are sharing their nudity with their intimate ones. This thing

insists the hackers most to hack snapchat. Reports say that many United States teenagers,

between 13 to 17 years are using the app in a wrong way, some reports also say that the half of

the users are teen aged. They are sharing all their private pictures without even knowing the

future of those snaps.Danika Ordonez Snapchat PunsDanika Ordonez Snapchat Puns

Hacking of Snapchat

Snapchat authority claims in Twitter that there server have not hacked, there are some third party

apps, and by those apps the users are able to hack the accounts of the users. They claim Snapsave

& Snapsaved. com for this hacking, though those apps deny this accusation. But the fact is that

the hacking is going on and privacy of the users has been disclosing. Some apps are also

available on the web like SnapBox, SnapKeep, and SnapSpy, who allows taking screenshot from

snapchat. Thus the users are able to keep the pictures and snapchat video in spite of the

selected time span. The hackers threaten that they are going to for ‘The Snapping’ like the

previous ‘The Fappening’; in ‘The Fappening’ they disclosed many celebrities’ private pictures.

Sources say that this time they can release 200,000 leaked snapchat. Some reports say that ‘The

Snapping’ is going to be more harmful than the previous ‘The Fappening’.

People’s interest in Snapchat

Many people like snapchat app for its feature of short time visibility, as the snaps do not last for

much time, so, the user can share anything they want to. This thing is the root of sharing explicit

objects in that social app. And for that they are being hacked and their privacy is disclosed to the

whole world, they are shocked by watching their nudity on the web. Some people also are scared

to use this social networking app.

Snapchat is all safe and interesting if you use it with responsibility, but if you deny doing so,

your privacy will not be secured anymore.

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