Danielle soots – Snapchat’s Mac version is now easy to use with the aid of Bluestacks

Snapchat is a very popular quirky image messaging app that is officially designed for iPhone and

Android that permits its users to share images and to have conversations that are destructed after

short time, and after that time those shared items are gone forever from the server of the app and

also from internet. The fleeting and spontaneous characteristic of the app has helped it gain

reputation in the market that you can now enjoy at desktop, despite the issue that the founder of

the app has not released any official version for Mac and Windows still now. Instead of that with

the aid of Bluestacks now it will become easier to install and run it on a PC or Mac.


How to install Snapchat at my Mac device?

It does not require to be a tech savy person to install and run the desktop version of this app,

even the person who have just minimal knowledge about installing and running apps can easily

execute the task with utmost clarity. If you are not in Snapchat then you need to sign into the app

at first and if you are already a user of the app then can quickly access to your friend list after

downloading the app to your Mac device.

– The app is completely free, and atfirst you need to get “Bluestacks” by dragging this into
the Application folder you can install it.
– After that launch Bluestacks and install the app into your Mac device and then click at the
“search” button.
– Afterward write and find “Snapchat”.
– Subsequently click at the install button that is located beside the Snapchat. The actual app
comes with a white ghost icon in a yellow box.
– Bluestacks will search into several Android stores and you just need to install Snapchat
from an android store that is located at the right side with tiny android guy icon.
– After downloading and installing the app you need to return to the home screen of
Bluestacks and click on the “My Apps” and then click to open the app.
– Apart from that you can click on the Launchpad and search Snapchat and launch from
that place.

What is the furthest step at this point?

After that you can instantly login and access your existing Snapchat account or generate a new

one. Adding your friends to the app is easy. This app gives you the same experience like you

would find into an Android version of the app. Messaging and sending messages are exactly

same as the app was on an Android phone or iPhone, the only difference is here you need to use

the regular keyboard. People who always stay engaged to the app like to have it in their entire

devices, and reminding of their needs Bluestacks have embarked this project, this initiative has

already gain much public awareness and it is hoped soon it will become popular all over the

world and among all the Snapchat users.

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