cute snapchat cat on screen also on play store snapchat-Snapchat denies giving permission to third party apps

Snapchat has officially laid all the controversies surrounding its entanglements with third party

apps to rest. It has barely been a year, since this social app came under heavy scrutiny, for letting

their security fail when it comes to protecting the privacy of its users. Over a million indecent

images, which were originally supposed to self-delete themselves, where somehow leaked via a

third party app by a group of hackers. While the co-owners of the snapchat refused to comment

on their lack of security measure at the time, they have come forward and defined the precise

laws that they strictly maintain against all kinds of third party apps in the recent times.

No place for third party apps

Just to make it crystal clear to all the people who started pointing fingers at the app after the

“Snappening” or the leaking of photos and also to their global user-base, snapchat has issued an

official statement stating that they never gave any sort of permission to any third party app for

accessing information about their user accounts. Hence any third party app trying to breach their

security would do so illegally and in violation of their terms and conditions. The co-owners of

snap chat further stated that neither they nor their app can be held accountable for any foreign

app trying to hack into their app because they never handed out their API to any other app,

giving them the impression that they can invent back doors into snap chat. Some researchers did

dig up the API of this social app for the purpose of explaining how it can be used a few years

back, but they did not realize that they were unknowingly opening up illegal avenues for fraud

apps to hack into the secure network of snap chat.

cute snapchat cat on screen also on play store snapchat
cute snapchat cat on screen also on play store snapchat

Illegal third party apps

Due to the advancement of the World Wide Web, app development has vigorously progressed on

a global scale. This has also culminated in cyber criminals being able to spread their wings and

gain access into mainstream apps in order to somehow ruin their reputation. All of these third

party apps request access into the user login details so that they can hack into their account and

leak media which has been exchanged via the main app.

Snap chat bans third party apps

There were many rumors after the hackers successfully released the compromising images onto

a public database, including the contemplation that there snap chat would not be able to survive

such a big blow to its image and would end up closing shop forever. That did not end up to be

the case since snap chat not only recovered after that mighty crisis but came back stronger than

ever, building up a loyal user base in no time. Snap chat had always made several efforts in the

past to discourage their users from using third party apps but no one listened and the

“Snappening” happened. This week snap chat has hammered the final nail upon the third party

app coffin by redesigning its API in a way that leaves no loopholes for any other app to attempt

to work alongside snap chat for good.

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