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Snap chat- the modern age companion of teenagers

Life becomes pretty monotonous, in absence of the near and dear ones around. But standing

in the modern century, you hardly expect a very little time for your closed one. Hence, a

massive communication gap gets generated between you and them, vey eventually. Hence,

the relationship gets affected to great extent. The solution is to reconcile it through several

numbers of hang outs and healthy communication. But the lack of leisure time and ofcourse

the enormous work load on your shoulder turns you completely incapable to meet your pals.

Hence, the only way out is ofcourse the very new social networking communication or the

cell phone communication? When it comes to the cell phone communication, the latest

addition is the snapchat, which have improvised the entire cell phone communication much

better than ever!! If you are not so friendly with this latest trend, then it’s the time to wet your

feet with some really necessary information about it, which is defined below-

Basically, snap chat is one amongst the other new age cell phone application, which creates

a strong ripple after its advent amongst the modern generation people. It’s basically that

photo message application, which enables to attach any photo or video clip to a text message.

The sender can add on any picture or video clips to his text message in case he feels a mere

text has no capacity to express the inner feeling of the communication. Sometimes, to shed

off the monotony o the cell phone communication, the snap chat seems widely beneficial

since, the added pictures 0or video clips add fun to the entire communication to great extent.

This makes the communication to look more creative as well; it makes the chat much more

attractive to the recipients.

Snap chat and teens agers

Though it’s true that the arrival of snap chat spins the heads of most of the modern generation

people, but the most affected portion is ofcourse the teenagers who find using this app, the

most eligible way to share their emotions in a more fun way. Teen age is the most crucial

phase of human life. This is the time, when the kids first view the luminous blink of adultery,

and almost set their ships to sail to a new island. More poignantly, this is the phase when they

are on the fight to reach the level of extremity to prove the crawling presence of adultery in

them. These teens find the snap chat, that most eligible way to keep healthy communication

amongst their friends with sharing the clips or the pictures of each moment. Snap chat does

not only allow the teens to convey their emotion with their pals, but also enables them to

exhibit the images of the moments what they are keen to share with others with ease.

Like any other application, snap chat too have some certain risk factors, which sometimes

create complication in the teens’ life. The possibility of snapchat leaked photos or private

videos may ruin someone’s life. But, hence the human brain is far more sensible than of the

computer brain, since it’s solely human responsibility to become aware of each steps that

they are keen to take. If it’s used wisely, the snap chat can become the best companion of this

modern age for sure.

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