Cute girl-News flash from Snapchat

After few days of publication Snapchat has always managed to remain in the news and

sometimes has made news headlines in renowned journals, dailies as well as magazines. It has

dragged the attention of the readers for its notorious activities and even for its unique initiatives

and launched unique features. It has given social media marketing a new turn and within few

days it has become one of the most preferred medium for the advertisers specially who want to

drag the attention of the teenagers. As per a conducted study, in spite of being accused of an

unsafe app the popularity of this app among the teenagers have not decelerated, in fact it has

become more popular among the youngest generation.

Snapchat has added a new feather in its crown

In recent news it is published that the Snapchat official has announced that now everyday more

than 200 million ephemeral messages are being sent through this messaging app, and with this

increased number they have also confirmed the fact that recently the company has raised $ 60

million. It is also reported that this raised amount will be utilized in hiring new engineering and for improving the infrastructure. Even the spokesperson has also confirmed that the CEO of

Sony Pictures Entertainment is going to join the board of Snapchat. Undoubtedly it will be a

golden feather in their crown and it is hoped that soon the company will take any new bumper

initiative by holding the hand of this person.
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After its huge success as a mobile application will Snapchat publish any desktop version?

This is the question of many tech lovers who are waiting eagerly to watch the desktop version of

this app. With only android and iOs version it has obtained so much fame, certainly by inventing

desktop version it can spread its wings widely in a broader span, and it will also attract them who

do not have any android or iOs operated device. It is hoped that the company will soon release its

windows version and this announcement will come with a bang like their previously launched

features. Though there is a website named as claims to be like the desktop

version of this app and allow the users to save their sent photos and videos. But a mishap has

taken place and those saved photos were picked up by the hackers and those private photos have

become public. Though they have imposed the blame upon third-party app but still now they are

not out of the accusation box.

Will it be stricter with the safety of the users’ privacy?

Thousands photos and videos were leaked of Snapchat users, no matter whether it has happened

due to a mocked app or website or it is solely the liability of the hackers, the main concern is

privacy is violated and it cannot be accepted. The admin of the app has assured the users that

they will not face any blunder like this event in future and this is the liability of the app


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