creeper cammin for the waste-Why Snapchat is so different from Face book, YouTube, and Google chat?

There are numerous software companies in recent times and each one is coming up with its

products. If the company’s products are innovative, attractive, multifunctional then they are

adored by users like you and me. In this context, it needs to be said that the photo sharing app

making company is an emerging player in the IT market. The company is credited to have

developed software that has recently gained popularity among people of all age groups.

Fiasco associated with Snapchat

Despite initial hurdles, the company continued with its good work churning better and

efficient products that appeal to the senses of tech savvy youths. Authorities at Snapchat

acknowledge that the company is new and is in the process of learning. This comment came

after the company confronted with a debacle that tarnished its reputation to a certain extent.

The fiasco involved the hacking of the company resources leaving it red faced before its

customers and clients.Creeper Cammin For The WasteCreeper Cammin For The Waste

Safeguarding user interests is important in business

All service providers in the field of social networking are expected to safeguard the interests

of the users. They are expected to ensure that the user data is stored properly in their servers

and that they remain private. But post hacking many users discovered their naked photos in

the public domain. This is absolutely a breach of trust and needs to be sorted out at the

earliest. The failure of the company to safeguard user’s interests resulted in the interference

of law enforcement agencies. Currently the company is under strict supervision. Its activities

are being monitored.

But the company authorities are smart enough to refute all charges associated with

compromising on the security of the users. They focussed on the privacy policy of the

software and expressed that the users failed to abide by it and that resulted in the occurrence

of the fiasco. Simultaneously they are quick to admit that all necessary measures are taken to

ensure that the user’s interests are adequately safeguarded.

Difference between Snapchat and Face book

In Face book, YouTube, Google Chat or even Twitter, if you make a post then it stays there

unless or until you delete it personally from your account. But this is not the same with

Snapchat. This software is designed in such a way that if it is used then the images and other

associated contents that are viewed once are deleted automatically. This feature is unique and

it helps in boosting security of the app contents. Apart from this the developers at the

company are always striving to deliver their best and improve the software. For a business to

be profitable, it is important to have adequate exposure among public.

In recent times, social media platforms and other search engine optimization features give

the necessary exposure that a business requires. This company also have its resources

channelled appropriately to ensure maximum profits. In a short span of time, more and more

people use this software. Surveys suggest that the percentage of Snapchat users is 15 and this

figure is quite high when you compare with other applications. The company authorities

expect that in the days to come the software will gain further in terms of revenue as well as


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