The sexting question regarding SnapChat-Crapchats Chopper and Massive Brewing Dump -booty butts of snap chat cache

Snapchat, is the newest social media app which allows people to exchange photos and videos

that disappear seconds after they’re seen. It has already engrossed an approximate 82 million

users, most of who are teenagers and in their 20’s. In spite of its restricted sample size, the

app is a huge favourite. However one of the most common opinions is that SnapChat is

mostly used for sexting.
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The screenshot question:

Though Snapchat is most popular for its self-deleting feature, it has appeared that there

are quite many people who take a screen shot of the content received. There appear to be

a considerable number of people taking screen shots of the content they receive. Snapchat

sends the user a notice if someone takes a screen shot of his or her message which is the

redeeming part.

However, most people are not really bothered about their “snaps” being saved. Most of

the respondents said that they did not care whether the screenshot was being taken or even

thought that it was funny.

They declared that the bulk of the students send each funny photos of their friends doing

stupid things or making funny faces. In fact they believe that Snapchat is a straightforwardly

available means to send photos and videos to many people at once. They also stated that

sexting is not a big deal in this day and age. This dismisses the concern raised over the

pornography distribution, a question which was brought into limelight because most of

the users of the app were under 18. However the app developer team has insisted that the

application is involved in pornography in any way. So, anxious parents keeping a tab on their

children’s activity can now relax.

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