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Snapchat is a mobile phone application having its base at Pacific Palisade, California, US.

The application can be used on iPhones and Androids. Users can take snaps, record videos,

add text and drawings and send them to their friends.

Innovation of Snapchat:

The founders of this application are- Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel. It was founded in

May1 2011 and is presently managed by a team of six including the founders. Snapchat was

developed by Evan, Murphy and Reggie Brown as part of their project when they were

students at the Stanford University. They started the application under the name ‘Picaboo’ in

July 2011. The apps mascot has been named as ‘Ghostface Chillah’ by Reggie after a dancer

‘Ghostface’ of a hip hop dance group ‘Wu-Tang Clan’.

Until May 2012 the application could only be used on iPhone operation system but on

November 29 2012 it was released on Android too.

June 2013 saw the introduction of Snapkidz for users under the age 13. It also introduced its

5.0 version named “Banquo” which had a greater speed and better designing option, swipe

navigation, double tap to reply, improved friend finder and in-app profiles.
Couldnt Hold ItCouldnt Hold It


While sending the snaps or video the user sets a time line. The recipient can view the photo

or video till the time limit after which the photo or video gets deleted automatically from the

mobile phones of the users and also from the company’s server.

The recipient by maintaining contact with the touch screen can prevent the sender from

taking a screenshot. If he does so it is notified by Snapchat to the user.

The data send or received can be retrieved after the time limit only by using the right forensic


The “Snapchat Stories” allows the user to create links of shared content that can be viewed

as many times as wanted for 24 hours.

The recent new messaging and video chatting feature is attracting more users and viewers

than iMessage. The special aspect is the updated “Here” sign that appears as a blue bubble

informing your friend, a concurrent user is ready for a video chat. You only have to hold

down the video button to launch the chat. It’s totally different from the online indicator in

other applications which according to the CEO Spiegel sends a negative signal like- your

friend is online but may not be ready to talk to you. “Here” function gives you and your

friend the sole privacy of having a video conversation. This video chat feature uses the

‘Addlive’ technology (a real time communication provider) which was acquired on the 1st of

May 2014.

Just two months ago in the month of November the app ‘Snapcash’ was launched through

which you can send money to your friend or dear one or anyone who is also a user of this

application. Just enter your debit card information and the amount wanted is deposited to the

account of the recipient.

Snapchat’s popularity:

Apart from some security problems the app has become so popular among users and viewers

that investors like ‘Google’ and ‘Facebook’ had offered $3 to $4 billion which Spiegel

declined. The unwanted snapshots’ popping up at times does not bar the above 4 million

users of US from using it.

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