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Share Your Voice as Message through Snapchat’s ChitChat

Snapchat is among the leading popular apps in the world. It is generally used for sharing picture.

Through this social networking app one can share pictures, massages and snapchat videos, with

the snapchat friends. Shared objects in the snapchat are called the snaps. Many users, specially

the teens between 13 to 17 years, are sharing their intimate videos and love pictures; those cause

the snapchat leak. The hackers are able to hack those users’ accounts and taking the explicit

objects from there they spread those objects in various websites. The users get shocked by

viewing their private pictures on other websites; the images, they shared in the snapchat app.

The users must know what is Snapchat. In short this is a photo sharing app. The users have to

select times for the duration of the snap; the times can be 1 to 10 seconds. The receiver can view

this snap only for that selected seconds. After that short time the snaps disappear automatically

from the app, this was the policy of the snapchat; the objects cannot be saved by the users.

Importance of voice messages

Voice message is very essential and it is very interesting too. You can share voice messages with

your friends. They can access and listen your messages. You do not have to worry for deleting

your messages at all because the snapchat app does not allow saving the snaps in the app, those

snaps must be deleted automatically from the app and for that ChitChat also does not allow

filling your message box.

How can you send voice messages?

The sending process of a voice message in ChitChat is very simple. First of all you have to select

the username whom you want to share your voice message. You have to tap and hold the contact

icon at the time when you are speaking your message, release when it is done. After you release

once, the message immediately shared. Thus you can share your own voice with your friends and

special one. Sometimes only the written message or pictures do not fulfill the heart fully, it

requires something special. And the voice message can be the medium to fulfill this empty heart.

Popularity of Snapchat

Snapchat is a very popular app and the popularity of this app is increasing with the days. In the

last year the total snapchat users were 14 million, but this year it has increased up to 27 million.

Some sources say that the half of the total snapchat users is the teenage boys and girls of United

States. The snapchat authority claims that their new service will be very popular among the

teenage users. We cannot explain everything through the written message or pictures, we need

to share our feelings through our voice; ChitChat provides this service for us and we can share

our feelings in our own voice by using snapchat.

There are various apps those started voice messaging service previously but snapchat is new in

that service. Snapchat had all the services except the voice messaging; now they include this

service also. So, the app now can be the most popular app among others.

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