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Launched in 2011, the app was assumed by experts that it will not be able to make a mark in the

app industry, however, to everyone’s surprise, this app made it quite big in the app world. At the

time of its launched, there were many presumptions on the app being trustworthy, but ultimately,

it turned out to be one of the most used app. With its huge name and widely recognized

appreciation, came some false allegations and mis-interpretation of its features, giving rise to

many questions. Few of the frequently asked questions about this app are as follows:
Chinese new year snapfish a new year food stamps ebt cardChinese new year snapfish a new year food stamps ebt card

The photos that is used on this app, is deleted forever?

Yes. Snapchat has clarified it several times at many public forums explaining that the app is

equipped with special features under which the data, whether it is a picture, text or a video, will

get deleted automatically after the set time. There is no other place where it is stored and thus,

the data is 100% safely handled.

Can the photos shared on Snapchat be leaked?

No. There is n o such mechanism in this app through which a data can be leaked, unless your

account is hacked, or you shared the password with someone else. Otherwise, this app takes

special care that the data gets deleted after the set time. A snap or a message is stored in server

for 30 days, if the message or snap is unread by the receiver. After 30 days, even if the message

is unread, it gets deleted, and that too forever. Hence your messages are secured with Snapchat.

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