How is SnapChat different from other social apps?

It is obvious that the youth of today do not want their daily posts to be recorded forever. In apps

like Face book or Twitter, whatever update you post, they stay as long as you take the initiative

to permanently delete them. No such deal with the hottest photos and videos sharing app in the

block- SnapChat.

This is where most people who believe SnapChat to be just a sexting app for the young

generation, go wrong. Yes, sexts are exchanged but the popularity of the app owes it more to the

ephemeral nature of the posts mostly. Taking silly photos, awkward selfies or plain cat photos

and sharing it with your friends is no longer uncomfortable because with SnapChat, these

photos will only stay for a maximum of 10 seconds. And this is why over 350 million ‘snaps’ are

shared every day in SnapChat which is an amazing number because the same amount of photos

are uploaded on the Facebook platform every day.
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SnapChat is here to stay!

Social networks which help us in building a record of our lives over the years will always be

there. Who doesn’t want to look back and reminiscence about that awesome birthday party

thrown by your friends 5 years back! But ephemeral connections like SnapChat perfectly mirrors

the day to day interactions we have in real life with real people. More so, because it is such

a privacy conscious app. It respects your need for privacy. Even though there is a screenshot

option, be sure that you will be notified the moment, the receiver takes a shot of the shared


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