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What is Snapchat?

It is a popular image messaging app through which the user can take video and photos

and they can also write and draw in the picture. The photos which are shared through it

disappear from the device of the recipient device after a predetermined time. The time can be

determined by the sender of the image; the image disappears not only from the device of the

recipien but also from the server of the app.

And as per declaration of the developer, the photos and videos cannot be recovered back by

any one. And they are working constantly to strengthen the security system of the app. The

photos can be only saved if someone takes a screenshot of the image and capture an image of

the photo by another device. If someone takes a screenshot of the sent image then that will be

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Why the snapchat app is now in the leading position of online news?

Snap Chat is now the hot topic of the online bloggers due to the leaked photos and videos.

Thousands numbers of photos and videos were leaked in a website and the event is named

as snappening. Though the developers of this free social networking app is claiming that

they are not responsible for the leaked photos and videos. A third party app is collecting and

gathering the photos which are shared by the free photo messaging app. And this happens

due to the malpractice of the users who use another third party app to share Snapchat photo

which is strictly prohibited by the developer of this popular snap sharing app. But some other

forensic firms claim that the photos which are shared through are actually not deleted and

they even find out a procedure to recover them back from the hidden place.

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