chelsea ferguson snapchat 3-Actually the Snaps Do Not Get Deleted or Disappeared from Snapchat

In this new age the social networking sites have possessed a strong position, in fact the age can

be called the age of social networking sites and apps. Snapchat is one of the most popular social

networking apps in the world. The popularity of the app is laid on its usefulness and uniqueness.

It is an image sharing app. One can share photos, videos and messages through this app, with the

Snapchat friends. The present generation is rushing along with this social networking app to

share their feelings and emotions with their special friends through the images and videos.

Suppose you have experienced such a thing you want to share its picture or video with your

friends, you can do it through this app. And for this picture sharing feature of the app it has

become so popular.

Use of Snapchat and its disappearing feature

The objects those get shared in this app are called the snaps. The snaps are with a very special

feature that is its disappearing feature. For sharing objects as a snap you need to select the object

first, then you need to select time for it, the time could be from 1 to 10 seconds. After receiving

the snap the receiver will be able to see the snap only for this selected seconds, after that the snap

will be disappeared automatically from the device no one can store the object in his/ her device

for future use. Main users of this Snapchat app are the teenagers. They often share their naked

images, nude videos with their friends. Receiving explicit selfies from the sexy friends is really

very interesting. Some also share their intimate Snapchat videos with the friends. And those

private snaps often get affected by the Snapchat leak, and for that the privacy of the millions of

users get disclosed I front of the whole world.

chelsea ferguson snapchat 3

chelsea ferguson snapchat 3
chelsea ferguson snapchat 3

The snaps do not disappear or get deleted actually

Some sources are claiming that the snaps do not get disappeared or deleted from the hub of the

app. They are saying that in the hub all the images and videos get store. Bu it is not the purpose

of Snapchat, it is against the principle of Snapchat. Experts have disclosed that this is the reason

of Snapchat leak. They are saying that then hackers are succeeded in hacking the server of the

app, and thus they have got the treasure of explicit objects. And for that are succeeded in doing

Snapchat leak. In ‘’The Fappening’’ the hackers had disclosed millions of adult objects including

naked selfies, and explicit objects of many celebrities also had been disclosed. And this proves

that the objects those get shared in this app are not at all disappearing, they also not get deleted.

And thus the privacy of the millions of users is getting disclosed.

The users need to be more responsible for using the app. They need to be responsible for images

and videos. For sharing a private object in this social networking app they need to think about its


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