Chatte register her snapchat registration all different-Snapchat the New Generation App for Entertainment- Fun- Communication

Twenty first century has provided us as lot of modern technologies. The communication and

entertainment accessories and gadgets are improved in a huge manner. Snapchat app has poured

more spice to this high technology communication system. It a popular image sharing

Smartphone app, defeats almost all other apps, of its time. By using this app the user can share

pictures, videos and messages with the snapchat friends. By this the communication becomes

easier among the snapchat friends. One can share his/ her nice photograph or videos in through

this app. The communication and fun has become very easy, even among the abroad.

Use of Snapchat

The objects shared in this app are called snaps. For sharing a snap the user has to select the snap first, then the user need to select the duration of the snap from 1 to 10 seconds. And the receiver will be allowed to see the snap only for this selected seconds, after that the snap will be disappeared automatically from the app. The snapchat does not allow the user to save the snap

from the app. This is the most attracting feature of the app. The users get more interest in this

app only for this distinguished feature.
Chatte Register Her Snapchat Registration All DifferentChatte Register Her Snapchat Registration All Different -Miaou

The popularity of Snapchat

The app has a populatrity among the present generation and it is increasing day by day. In the

last year the total user of the snapchat app was 14 million, but this is increased to 27 million in

this year. The teenagers are more involved in this app; especially the United States students are

engaging in this app, the most. Some reports say that the half of the total snapchat users is the

teenage boys and girls of 13 to 17 years. The adolescent, teens and the minors are the main user

of this app, though there are exceptions too.

Misuse of the app

But the users often use this app in wrong way. The teenage and minor users often share their

intimate pictures, naked images, nude snapchat videos with their friends, through this app. This

is not the purpose of the snapchat app. Those adult objects often get hacked and for that the

snapchat leak happens. The snapchat hackers somehow succeeded in hacking the snaps from the

snapchat, and they leaks those pictures, adult videos in various websites, for money or for

momentary pleasure or for some other reason. But the users get shocked when they see their

shared explicit pictures are now in some other site. They become disappointed for that sudden


The users do not think snapchat as a safe application, as the privacy of the users are not secured

anymore in this app. There are also some third party apps too; by using those third party apps the

user can take screenshot of any image. So, the person can take any picture that was shared by his/

her friends. This is also responsible for the snapchat leak. But for that the users have to be more responsible for using the app and also for choosing someone as friend.

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