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The qualities for becoming popular

Let’s get a bit deeper into the discussion by going back in time. Right at the moment when these social networks were started, they were not at all popular; they did become popular by keeping it simple and just giving better service and adding those features which the people want. You can also take an example that the Windows OS launched by Microsoft for the mobile phones did not gain as much popularity as the Google counterpart, Android. Most of the smart phones are using Android as the OS. It is mainly because it suited much better than Windows and the features were best according to the demands. Windows also junked up a lot of features, but unfortunately they did not serve the demands. In the same way, other online social networks did not last long as Facebook.
Chat With Me On Live Chat Help Get Snap Chat For PcChat With Me On Live Chat Help Get Snap Chat For Pc

But apart from the royalty free photos and happy pictures or the videos, it also provides the facility of

video chat and texting to the users. Whenever any of your friends are online and are using the app, a new

notification will be sent to you and you can start video chatting with the friend. Isn’t that awesome?

The mentality of the developers should also be praised; they refused to sell SnapChat on being approached

with a huge sum of money by the famous companies like Facebook and Google. They want to develop it

themselves and make it a famous one.

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