carson – Publishers are using snapchat as a platform to reach more people

Snapchat’s new edition snapchat discover is the latest discovery of the app. Since the day f its

launch it has become one of the most popular app among the publishers. The kind of craze it has

generated among the teen shave drawn the attention of the publishers. They said it was a golden

chance for the to reach more people with the help of the app. The app is used by teens and kids

mostly. They love to stay upto date and for them it is also like a golden opportunity to have

access to the latest news of different areas ranging from fashion to general knowledge.

Publishers are making the most of the app:

Till now there are 12 publishers who have established a partnership with the app. One publisher

said that what is the exact number cannot be told but it is being accepted by people in huge

number. This app is meant for smartphone users and tab users. The publishers have agreed on

an agreement with the snapchat app. Every morning the publishers update their site via this

app. The publisher those who are in a partnership with the app are: CNN, MTV, Cosmopolitan,

Daily Mail, Food network, National Geographic, People, Vice, Yahoo News, Fusion etc. Those

publishers are leading ones in the world of television. They lead their respective fields. Some

run educational publishing and some are in the entertainment business. But each one is popular

among young adults. The app snapchat is being used by all teenagers and the kind of relation

they share with the app is noteworthy. No publisher thinks for the second time to take the

advantage of the app.

CNN with the app:

CNN, which is quite a popular name among the news world, stated that the app has a myriad

number of audiences. And those audiences are dedicated and passionate. The news channel posts

every morning a mixed of existing and exciting news. They cover different range of reports from

international stories to entertainment news to political coverage. They post their stories either in

text or in videos. They have express their view saying that it is a real dynamic experience for all.

They usually post five stories each morning.

Partnership of National Geographic:

National Geographic has expressed their feelings stating that it is really an exciting thing for

them because using the app means reach more people daily. For them it is chance for them to

stand and face a group of young people and their thoughts. The content of the channel is a mixed

of short form of videos, articles and photo0driven stories on travel and adventurous journeys.

The channel has also experimented with creating snapchat pics quizzes and so on.

Daily mail:

Daily mail is on one of the partner with the app. They said in their statement that the news on the

app almost looks like the news feed of their own site. They post as early as 3.00 A.M their news

with 14 images. They said that they are looking forward to update their site with the new edition

of the app.

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