Leak of Snapchat photos, phone numbers, usernames provoke the company to introspect

about addressing security issues

With the revolution of the IT industry, there are a number of app developing companies

distributed across the globe. Among these companies are present the Snapchat which is a photo

sharing app manufacturer with its offices in the Silicon Valley of the USA. This company is a

start-up company and therefore in an environment where there are already a number of IT

companies, this one is struggling for its survival as the competition is tremendous.

Why safeguarding user’s interest has become a priority for Snapchat

In recent times, the company came under severe criticism for its failure in safeguarding the

interests of its clients and users. With its previous versions of apps, there was an issue that

greatly compromised with the security aspect. Hackers were able to get access to millions of user

accounts thereby rendering the app totally vulnerable to security threats. This resulted in the

leakage of usernames, phone numbers, photos. It was later found that the hackers posted nude

photos of the users in the public domain.

This became a terrible issue for the company and victimized users complained against the

company to state agencies. On the basis of such complaints it became the duty of the state

agencies to investigate into the matter. The company finally came to an understanding with the

agencies under which they are supposed to let them allow to monitor their activities for a period

as long as twenty years.

Measures to stop hacking debacles with the app manufacturing company

Simultaneously, it became the responsibility of the management of Snapchat to ensure that such

debacles are not repeated in the future. With their newer versions of the app, they modified the

designs, thereby making them more and more secure. Certain new features are added that

guarantees security to the app. An interesting feature is the option of automatically deleting a

snapchat photo stored in the app once it has been viewed.

The management of the company also took initiatives to update the privacy policy that is

associated with the app. While doing so, it is imperative for the company to inform its users to

carefully go through the privacy policy prior to using the app. This is because that a section of

the company management feels that the debacle affecting the reputation of the company is partly

because of user’s callousness.

Modernization of the company business for maximum profits

In recent times, the company made upgradations in its infrastructure and resources. It is planning

to expand its business operations overseas. Nowadays, the company is engaged in the

manufacture and delivery of quality products. It is because of this that the company has managed

to escalate its business. It has many users worldwide who prefers to use snapchat as compared to

other applications.

The company has come into existence for a short span of time and in this period it had

experienced a lot. A section of the company feels that the experience had aided them to make

major improvisations so far as design, development is concerned. It vows to continue the good

work and to ensure that through the proper delivery of quality services it can satisfy the needs

and requirements of its customers worldwide.

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