Snapchat’s inside story is as surprising as its disappearing photos-cant see the burger

What makes Snapchat such a rage among teenagers around the world?

The answer would be –

it’s easy to delete Snapchat pictures. It’s unanimously true that teenagers don’t like to being

observed by their parents or distant relatives in social networking site like Facebook where one

is bound to have some relatives-cousins in his/her friend list. Before Snapchat hit the market,

teenage netizens were in desperate search for any such online social networking platform where

they could connect to those friends who will be hand-picked. And Snapchat does just that for

you. Like the previous generation who used to observe Black-and-white TV with much disdain,

laptop and desktop are like that outdated TV set for teenagers now. So when the service it offers

is so interesting, one can easily understand that the back-story of Snapchat would be equally

quirky, as not every other Stanford Grad rakes up his brain to come up with something so quirky

that revolves around ‘disappearing photos’, like Evan Spiegel or Bobby Murphy did in 2011.
Cant See The BurgerCant See The Burger

Where it all began?

Evan Spiegel- the CEO of Snapchat is the child of a privileged family. But his inherent nerdiness

used to limit him to deal with only computers, so much so that by sixth grade; he managed

assembling his first computer. When in 2010 Evan joined the product-design program in

Standford University, he found his match in his senior of mathematics and computational Bobby

Murphy, who came from a relatively modest background. Two nerds joined hand and developed

first- online software called ‘Future Freshman’- in order to make the college admission process

smoother for the concerned parties but the project went nowhere. Yet the time was good as

one day, another fraternity-mate of theirs lamented before Spiegel and Murphy about some

content which he sent to his girlfriend and now wishes that if it could have been disappeared.

Both Spiegel and Murphy jumped at the prospects of the idea as their nerd minds were racing

fast. Later they also took the fraternity mate- Reggie Brown into their team of developing the

idea, initially named as Picaboo. It’s an irony of fate that recently the bitter legal battle between

Reggie Brown Vs Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy ended where the later duo is forced to admit

the former as the creator of Snapchat.

Snapcat-Facebook and the Art of War

When Snapchat received an offer of acquisition worth $3 billion from Mark Zuckerbeg himself

in December 2012 and turned down it duly, it didn’t go down well with many who thought it’s

arrogant and preposterous from Snapchat’s side. By that time, Facebook released Poke- the

highly similar mobile app of Facebook that also offers disappearing photos. To cut the long story

short, with time, Poke faded from the market, Snapchat went strong with its content and belief,

and after adding the special feature of ‘snapchat stories’- the mobile app is now witnessing 700

million photos exchanged and 500 million stories viewed daily by the users, who endorse the app

because it’s easy to delete snapchat pictures unlike other social networking sites.

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