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Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps of the present generation, but recently it

is in news due all the wrong reasons of the lapse of security. This has made the users of the app

and the authority both vulnerable. This vulnerability is only related to the usage pattern followed

by most of users. But this lapse of security has not affected in the fan base of the app.

Moreover, this fan base is used by the top MNC’s all over the world to be a part of such a

popular medium. In this market of inflation Snap chat has also shown the guts of rejecting cash

bid of $3.5 billion cash and after they are said to have signed a deal roughly worth $60 billion

with many top media companies and top MNC’s.

Introduction to Snapchat

At first one will have to be aware of what is Snapchat? It is one of the premier social

networking apps that are available across all the popular smartphone platforms. At first the

primary feature of the app was sending photos, videos and instant messages to the people within

the friend circle.

This app is also among the very few apps that has always accepted the positive changes on any

type of feature. And its most recent upgradtion to the list of primary features was made with the

incorporation of the voice messages transferability.

The massages, videos, pictures and even the voice messages will stay in the account of the

people for a stipulated time of maximum ten seconds. After which the snaps will disappear and

stored in the original server of the app, and this is the only reason for the popularity of the app.

Lapse of security

Lapse in security is one of the biggest threats that the app of Snapchat is presently facing. With

the hackers constantly claiming the authencity of the news, but the authority of Snap chat at

first was calling it rumors. But after the posting of the username id with specific phone number,

details and snaps, the authority claimed the news to be right.

Like most of the apps, Snapchat was developed to make the work of the people less, but the

people are using it on inappropriate grounds. The authority of the app is right putting the blame

on the users, and their usage pattern. And rightly so, the Snap chat is putting the blame on the

users of the third party apps to be the only reason behind such a huge lapse of security.

To sum up

Snapchat is one of the very few apps that have gladly accepted all the changes keeping most of

the primary features constant. But recently the app is in news due to the huge lapse of security

and the news is proved right by the hackers by posting the user id and personal details with

various other snaps of roughly 4.6 billion users. And the authority of the Snapchat is putting the

blame on extensive usage of the third party app, which has resulted in the lapse of security of the


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