Will SnapChat decide to sell itself to Facebook?-cant see the burger

The design of Snapchat can be is quite funny, having a logo called Ghostface Chillah on yellow

background. After logging in you will be taken to a screen from where photos and videos can be

taken. Photos can be taken by pushing the circular button on the bottom of the screen. Videos

can be taken in the same way. The stories which can be created by stitching your photos and

videos together can be viewed for 24 hours straight, after that they automatically disappear.

There are additional settings to customize who can view your stories.

We know there is another immensely popular app just like SnapChat, the cross-platform

messenger WhatsApp. Very recently this app was taken over by Facebook, the giant in the social

media sector for $16million. There were reports regarding Facebook’s offer of buying SnapChat

as well. But apparently, the proposal was not met in cordial terms by the founders of the app.
Cant See The BurgerCant See The Burger

Will SnapChat follow the footsteps of WhatsApp?

Snapchat doesn’t seem eager on selling pretty soon. There is a chance that the company will

have to keep pushing the limits for flourishing, or have constant problems with security or court

cases to thing about accepting the acquisition offer being made. The general consensus goes

that SnapChat will not sell until the year 2015. It can be expected that the company will soon

go public after establishing a firm ground in the market. the unbelievably swift enlargement of

all these services like SnapChat, Instagram, more than a few of which has acquired 100 million

users more rapidly than Facebook itself did, shows that it is not possible for one to own all of

them. In fact, there will be more growth of apps like SnapChat in future because teens are always

attracted to new stuff.

This is what Facebook is aware of. The next generation of users will see Facebook as the older

generation’s platform and might use the service lesser and lesser. But as long as Facebook is

controlling some of the most used apps, it will still be winning. However without the skills

of Google, Facebook won’t be able to make such a leap. However, it can be safely said that

SnapChat’s decision of staying independent is quite wise, at least at the moment.

Last note:

SnapChat is definitely a step forward in the world of technology. What remains to be seen is

whether this app has what it takes to reach the zenith of business so as to remain independent of

other companies.

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