Snap chat is the new source of inspiration for Facebook – Cansinc

Facebook has always been in the news for its constant up gradation and regular technological

developments. Facebook has always given people something new; that they never thought

was possible in a social networking site. That is the main reason why Facebook has so many

followers and users across the globe, and is popular for over a decade.



What is SnapChat?

Snapchat is a photo messaging application which is gaining high popularity nowadays. This

app, also referred to as snapchat picture app allows users to take picture, videos, and add text

and drawing features in them and then send to a controlled list of recipients. These pictures

which are sent through this app are called “snaps”. That is how the app got its name. However,

chatting in this app is not limited to just sending pictures. Rather, this app allows sender to set a

time limit with the sent snap. Thus, the receiver of the picture will be able to view the snap or the

sent item only for a set period of time, after which the snap gets permanently deleted.

Concept behind this popular App:

Concept behind the development of Snapchat app is simple. The app was developed so that

people can chat with pictures and videos. The concept was that a picture or a video with caption

speaks more than mere words and texts. This concept worked well as well, because the app

became extremely popular within a very short time span.

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