Cameron.williams2712-Facebook has Made Snapchat’s Clone App- but its Failed

Snapchat has defeated most of its competitors only by its huge popularity. And this has been

happened only for the usefulness of this social networking app. One of the most effective

competitors of Snapchat is Facebook, and critics say that Snapchat has gained huge amount of

users from Facebook. Facebook has tried to buy this app but Snapchat did not want to sell.

Those policies and reports are enough to show the direct competition between the two

companies. The popularity of Snapchat is in top level, and it is increasing day by day. In the

previous year the number of total users of Snapchat was 14 million but now this number has

turned into 27 million. This is enough to prove the popularity of this app.

Facebook’s attempt to make clone app of Snapchat

After the buying proposal of Facebook gets rejected by Snapchat Facebook had made a clone

app, clone of Snapchat named Slingshot. The app is just like Snapchat app, by its features and

services. Facebook had made this attempt only to compete Snapchat. But this app has been

proved as a total fail. People did not like the app. There may be several reasons for that but the

main fact are that Facebook has failed to make Snapchat’s clone app. Ad this thing proves again

the popularity of Snapchat. Facebook is a very strong social networking site. And this attempt

from them has made the matter more serious. For more than a year this was the topic of

discussion of almost every Medias. But after launching Slingshot now it is proved that there is no

social networking site to compete with Snapchat.Attractive-HVAC-Design-For-Sophisticated-Bedroom-Decor-e1404392202837

Snapchat rejects Facebook’s proposal

Facebook once offered Snapchat $3 billion for getting the ownership of this app, but the

Snapchat authority did not pay any attention to this proposal. Snapchat authority was not

interested in selling their app because they are busier with upgrading the app for providing better

service for the users. They want to develop the app more and for that they were not interested

with the proposal of Facebook. After that rejection from Snapchat, Facebook had tried to make a

clone app of Snapchat; they wanted to make a new app like Snapchat. The name of this new app

is Slingshot. But everybody knows the tragic downfall of this clone app.

Snapchat is mainly a picture sharing app. The users can share their image, video and massages

with the Snapchat friends through this app. There is no age restriction for using this app;

anybody can use this social networking app. The users also can share any picture or Snapchat

videos in this app, there is also no restriction about the subject of the snaps. Snapchat is busy in

updating its features and services to make it more useful to the users. For that they have added

more services like Snapchat Discover, text chat and video calls. Those services are enough to

make this app more popular. And with those useful services the app has got its fulfillment.

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