cake_roach-Snapchat throws warning and open challenge to the strippers

Sex trading is a peril to society. For this ill practice strippers and adult stars are using different

methods to grab eye balls of their clients. They have started targeting innocent under age users

and sharing explicit adult photographs and videos through snapchat.

Misuse of the platform:

Snapchat is built to share plenty of photographs and videos within a second through it. It is

found that many teenagers are using this medium to send his or her nude picture on it. This

is often called sexting. Many strippers and adult stars are also offering their nude videos and

images through snapchat. Exchanging these images they are also snatching money from them in

a tricky way. To avoid this kind of happening, the company officials are trying to curtail down

the sexting flow and trying to make this platform safe for children and young ones.

What is Sexting?

Texting is related to short message service. We are very used to it. But sexting is related with

sending and forwarding substances with high content arousing matters. Teenagers and young

ones have the tendency to capture different angle images which shows various body parts in

wrong way. This is related to sexting. Forwarding this type of adult content to teenagers is an

illegal offence.

Snapchat officials are trying to prevent the innocence of the children by some necessary


Hackers are very much active in web now a day. They have the accessibility of the certain

software which can revive the deleted images from snap chat server. Adult people can send any

personal thing to their close one because the trust factor is there in. It deals with the idea where

the sending images can automatically dissolved from the server. So it is a matter of worry for the

company official. Their credibility factor of their company is in front of question mark. Snapchat

is trying to cut down the sex flow ratio from their server. So they have decided to take some

strict action against those strippers and adult content dealers. Sexting through snapchat is widely

known incident in the United States. Survey which was conducted in last few years has shown

some alarming figures. It was found that internet is exposing young children toward nudity, sex

and pornographic images in a very earlier stage. It has a very bad impact on society. Now a day

children are also found buying vulgar nude snapshots and private videos from the strippers by

using their snapcash option. Internet banking and debit card payment through snapchat can be

done smoothly, so the company officials are feeling very worried about the ‘future and their

company’s reputation. At this point of time they have set some rules and regulations for the

users. It is known as “Community guideline”. Every user should be liable to obey these rules.

They are putting emphasize on not to click explicit pictures and always wear proper dress before

clicking and they are also requesting not to send those picture to unknown user. Company

officials also have decided those users who are found to violate this terms and conditions will be

banned from the application or they will be suspended from using the app.

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