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Snapchat Live Events is Going to Win the Market

Snapchat is a popular photo sharing app. You can share pictures, messages, and videos with

your friends in this app. The objects shared in the snapchat are called snaps. Sometimes the

users, specially the teens are sharing their love pictures, intimate images in this app; those snaps

often cause snapchat leak. Those private snaps are hacked by the hackers; they spread those

private objects on the websites. The users are getting shocked to view their intimate pictures in

some other websites, what they shared in snapchat. The first thing a user need to know about

this app is what is Snapchat? One can say it a photo messaging app, in short. You can select a

few seconds for your snaps. The receiver can see those objects only for this selected duration.

After that period the app will delete snapchat pictures automatically. The receiver cannot save

Snapchat has launched a new service in June, called Our Story. This service will allow the users

to attend specific live events; the users can submit videos and pictures in this app. At first

Snapchat made the features available for the users to attend a series of music events, Outside

Lands, Electric Daisy Carnival. This new feature will be popular among the teenage users of the

The market of Snapchat live event

Mainly the teens will be attracted by this unique feature of the snapchat app. The users of the

snapchat are mainly the teen age boys and girls. This live event is going to get a vast market

among the teenage users of the app. Though there must be some exception, the other users except

the teenage users, can be benefited by this new service of snapchat. Various report show that the

half of the total snapchat users are the teenage boys and girls, there age is between 13 to 17

years. And mainly the youngsters of United States are involved in this app. The new service, live

event, will be a popular one among those young users.

Good market of Snapchat

Snapchat has a very good market today. It is a very popular app in all over the world, and it is

increasing its popularity day by day. Almost every person knows about this social networking

app. The snapchat authority even refuses a 3 billion offer from Facebook, even though they have

no revenue. As the users of snapchat is increasing day by day, the value and sphere of the app

also is increasing day by day.

But you have to be more responsible for using this app. The hackers are hacking the adult

pictures from the snapchat app and spreading those pictures in various websites. There are many

third party apps too, those allow its users to take screenshots, and the users who use this app in a

bad purpose, takes screenshots of and explicit pictures from the app and spread it on various

website for money or some momentary pleasure or for some other purpose. For those risky

reasons you need to know the person properly before choosing one as friend.

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