Snapshot is like a shimmer in your dull life-bulldog chewing wasp

Add fun elements in your boring classes

Class rooms are the most boring places in the earth for the present students, for the former

students and for the upcoming students as well. Though we often miss it after our student life

gets over; but not for those boring lectures, but for those mates who accompanied us in those

times of yawning. But the current students have found a new, exciting app to add some fun in

to the classroom’s boring atmosphere. Through the Snapchat app pupil can now share their

sleeping friend’s image with the whole class, teacher’s hilarious expression as well. And the best

part is that the photos disappears automatically after a certain time, so there will be no evidence

that you were the master mind behind that naughty image.

bulldog chewing wasp
bulldog chewing wasp

Store a sparkle of energy for your future life

Share memories of your boarding life, school, college trips, campus activities; and think about

the time when you will suddenly find out your pictures in that site while you are under the

pressure of hectic schedule. How much refreshing it would be and certainly it would be the

resource of liveliness.

Share picture of a betrayal

A study shows that cheaters are tend to be treacherous in their next relationships also. Hence

you can save someone from emotional trauma by sharing your partner image who betrayed

on you via snapchat app and snapchat leaked website. And let the whole campus know how

badly that person cheated on you by sharing his or her images with a caption. Click an image for

evidence and share it, and let that person suffer instead of you.

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