brown snapchat -most popular social media apps – fun snap chatOverusing snapchat affects mental health of the kids-

There are numerous Smartphone applications around the world and teenagers are using them like

keen interest. What this generation wants is to stay ahead in every field. They want everything of

their life to be fast. That is the reason why the users of the app snapchat has always taken to

snapchatting no matter where they are. The app has driven them towards a new world where

creativity gets born. More over what happens is that people who loves to stay ahead in the

competition they take the help of the feature Discovery. This app is quite unique for its different


Encounter with a new type of psychological problem:

The app has come into the market a few years ago and ever since then it has made a great way to

the hearts of the youngsters. Edo you know the app snapchat makes a great amount of revenue

from the app every year. Youngsters cannot think of living a life without it. They have become

so much accustomed with this app that whatever happens they first capture the photos of the

event with the app and send them to the recipients of their desire. Though the photos do not stay

long on the server nor on the screen of the recipients, and the recipients cannot take a screen shot

of those photos or videos, there is still some amount of concern around the matter of security.

But the point is youngsters are driving to a path of craziness and that craziness is kind of

alarming for the parents across the world. It has been noticed that those who use the app at an

excessive level usually lose their mental state and they have to go under some psychological


brown snapchat -most popular social media apps - fun snap chat
brown snapchat -most popular social media apps – fun snap chat

What do the surveys say?

In many countries, there are several surveys have been conducted on teenagers and on the young

adults and it has come to the fore that people who use the app at an excessive rate, have a

different kind of mental obligations. Psycho therapists are growing worried about this new

mental disease and they have asked the parents of the new buds to be alert and they have asked

them for teaching their kids from the childhood what is wrong and what is right. The parents

should be more careful, and they should teach their kids about the ways of the virtual world.

Kids are very small to understand all the complications and complex of the material world, but

the parents are the grown up ones. They must know the ways of the world and they should tell

their kids about them.


Kids are very precious for us. They should be well taken care of. The videos and the images sent

via the application snap chat sometimes causes the users to suffer a loss of privacy of the life.

Kids should be taught about the advantages of the app and they should also be taught how to stay

away from the trap of adultery on the world of web.

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