SnapChat Posses Threat to FACEBOOK-Brokeback Mt. love pup

Snapchat, since its launch in 2011, have created a buzz in internet. It popularity is growing

widely, and number of people joining it is increasing exponentially. The company, which started

in 2011, was worth 3 to 4 billion United States Dollar in 2013. It growing popularity has issued

threat to a lot of its competitors including the giant of social networking, FACEBOOK. If the

latest buzz is to be believed, facebook eyes Snapchat again. Looks like Facebook can’t get

over the growing popularity of this app and understand the risk associated to Facebook with its


Brokeback Mt. love pup

Brokeback Mt. love pup

How it all Start?

At the end of 2012, Facebook CEO went to meet the CEO of snapchat in his hometown, where

he mentioned that Facebook is soon going to launch an app identical to this app and once that is

launch; this app would no longer survive. The app was Poke and it failed. By then this app had

developed excellent friend finding features like ‘Find Friends on Facebook’ and ‘Facebook

search friends’, which took t another level higher. It gradually became one of the famous

social networking platforms, thus threatening Facebook more. That is why, this time Facebook

CEO went to buy this company with a bid of 3 billion United States Dollar. It is reported that

the decision to buy this app was made after failing in making an identical app, which would

somehow lower the popularity of this app. Meanwhile with its excellent friends finding features,

which are in no way less than, ‘Find Friends on Facebook’ or Facebook search Friends’,

Snapchat is enjoying its popularity amongst people of all age groups.


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