bout to have a fap-Snapchat creates buzz- stronger than ever

Snapchat is an instant photo sharing and video messaging mobile app. It offers us to share short

video clips and photos with our friends and close ones. In the recent time most of the people’s

are technologically sound. With the help of smart phones we can easily access with social

networking sites. Snapchat is one of those applications which can smoothly run in android

phones and in iPhone too.

Recently snapchat is in news for various reasons.

This hugely popular social networking app is always in top of the chart. Improvisations are made

in this format in regular basis. This application has some outstanding announcements in recent

times. A recent feature is included in this application. Now people can easily shoot video and can

play music simultaneously. In earlier days it is impossible to do both this work at a time. But

after adding this advantage it is become very easy to shoot and play.

Teenagers are not hooked to Facebook anymore.

A study involving among 170.000 inter users across 32 countries has found that, a huge section

of teenagers are spending time on instant messaging apps than on Facebook. Snapchat is at

number one spot according to their preference list. It has the ability to share the picture just with

a swipe of your finger. So the craze of this particular app is increasing rapidly day by day.Bout To Have A FapBout To Have A Fap

Facebook have a strong contender in the social networking business.

Rapidly increasing popularity of snapchat sends a strong message to Facebook. In the social

networking business, Facebook is at the number one spot. But increasing popularity of this new

application among the youth is a cause of worry to Facebook. They also buy this application in

huge amount. But the company officials have turned down the offer.

Video capturing and photo sharing ability

Though there are some controversies regarding the photo sharing, Snapchat still is on high

demand. No other application available in the market can take and share photographs and short

videos instantly. Te main reason behind the immense popularity of snapchat lies on the instant

delivery of our images with the help of web. With it you can use snapshots and short video clips

to say hello and get connected with your close ones. Te privacy setting section also includes

your basic account information and you can control who can send you snaps. Conversations

through the app or sharing photos by it, is great because they are shared, enjoyed but not saved.

After a certain period of time you can easily remove the sharing object from the drive. You have

to set the timer to do that. Recently snapchat also improvises that you can easily shoot video

while listening to the music. This feature can reduce the monotonous and you can capture or

shoot more videos and pictures freely. To take a new snap or video you have to press the record

button. By clicking once you can take the picture or the video. You can choose how long this clip

or photo display to your friend. So set the timer and with a single click you can send the

snapchat photo to your friend instantly.

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