bout to get randomly selected-Snapchat making all round effort to improve

Snap chat has been showing intent to improve on the bitter experience that it had recently. But

with the bitter experiences the company’s is having quite the same fan base as it was having

previously. This vanishing social media app of the present generation was developed to socialize

picture, videos, and messages. With it now, the app is now into making its way into the world of

media and advertisement.

Big MNC’s are also now looking to set a deal with this hugely popular app, but till date the

authority of the app, has turned down the deal of the social media giant Facebook and joint hands

with Yahoo in making one of the similar apps to snapchat.

Advertising with snapchat

Advertising is promoting your product to the people, and when you can promote the product?

Where there are a large number of people seeing your company. And snapchat with such

popularity due all the good and bad reasons the big MNC’s are showing their keen interest in

joining hands with one of the fastest apps of the generation.Bout To Get Randomly SelectedBout To Get Randomly Selected

Snapchat Security

All the headlines grasped up by snapchat, because of all the wrong reasons of snapchat leaked.

The picture that vanishes from the snapchat makes its place in the original server of the app.

And hence the contact and all other informations and snapchat pictures of various people have

been leaked to various online website.

Though Snapchat has claimed it to be correct at first, but they did the commit that with the third

party app this hacking was possible. In front of the FTC they have confessed that they made false

claims in public and is bound to pay a huge amount as penalty also.

In such a situation the people are in dire straits with their own picture videos or even personal

information like phone number can be hacked and can be miss-used from any ground at various

point of time. Seeing this too the fan base of the company hasn’t been demolished at all, and

more and more companies are trying to make investment with one of the most prolific apps of

the generation.

To sum up

With the discovery feature of snapchat in the rumors it is sure that with the news, entertainment

and media into it; it will definitely helps people to get people aware of the present situation. And

from the side of the side of the company big media is having constant talk with the company to

seal the deal and be a part of such fan base.

The completely natural flow fan base of the app is surely but steadily increasing like its exposure

and with due time and the investment of this company, and its future is looking very bright. The

app has currently taken various steps to settle the issue of security crisis. The phone numbers and

all other personal details being hacked the authority is constantly probing people not to use the

third party apps which might be dangerous from every aspect.

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