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Detailed overlook of snap chat, the new age tool for communication

In the modern age, when everything undergoes a great change, why would the conventional

communication will remain the same? The advent of modern technology has become the key

source of showing path for all new age inventions which eventually bring revolutionary changes

at ever sector of living. The modern age life style is much more complicated since it’s almost

tangled within the sheer cove of stress, excess work pressure, the excess crave of reaching the

peak of success and most importantly, the lack of time to take of one’s own self. This eventually

triggers bouts of complications in someone’s life without any delay. As result, the lifestyle has

become much more predictable as well as stagnant!! Well, but is to be reminded that the humans

are still made up of flesh blood, who can even survive without luxury but not without fun and

joviality. Hence, the modern age technology has come forth to invent new ways to cut off such

communication gap. The cell phone communication, is one of such attempts, ethic somehow tries

it level best to revive the emotional equations within human beings. Have a look-

What is snap chat?

Snapchat is a modern century mobile phone communication application that allows attaching

pictures or any recorded video clips along with any cell phone chat. Someone can set a stipulated

time for a particular video or picture to flash on the tiny screen of a cell phone. After the time is

over, automatically, the video or the image vanish.

The cell phone communication though sheds off the communication gap to great extent, but the

main complication hurls, when someone finds it too dull during conversation. The absence of the

face to face conversation makes the entire chit chat very much dull as well less lively. This

eventually ruins all interest. The arrival of the snapchat communication although removed this

stigma, since it allows to add images or video clips along with a chat, that automatically make a,

message much more interesting. Thus the snap chat communication does not only revive the

chat to great extent, but also makes it much more fun for the communicators no doubt.

Though the app in smart one which opens up a completely new direction for all those who live to

speak, but there are some certain dangers or complications that eventually hurl on along with the

snap chat communication, the allowance of sending any private picture or video clips sometimes

may ruin someone’s privacy, if the recipient downloads that particular one and upload it over the

internet. One can see such cases to happen several times all across the entire world. This leaves

great negative impact on many lives. This ruins someone’s personal tranquility.

Definitely, a human brain is much more intellectual and sensible than of any technical tool.

Hence, this is the fundamental responsibility of an individual to grow the proper knowledge

before using any application such as snap chat application etc. the uprising knowledge or the

enlightenment of individual ethics will automatically alarms one’s conscience which will prevent

someone from getting any wrong turn, no doubt.

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