SnapChat: Not foot stepping the ‘WhatsApp’ way-bord day snap chat score


Small start-up companies like SnapChat (which is a photo sharing app) brings innovative yet

simple idea that have been never implemented before to build a brand, to become popular&

ultimately to make money & expand business. This is what all start-up company plans for, with

whatever limited resources they possess. Already established MNC companies like Google,

Facebook, IBM etc. always attempts to expand their business by either launching their own

products to cut down completion & maintain their monopoly or eating out there competitors

completely through mergers and acquisitions. It’s a win-win situation for both the companies,

small start-up company gets huge monetary gain by these acquisition and big companies are able

to retain their leadership& monopoly in the market.
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Shocking Revelation:

SnapChat CEO shocked everyone with the revelation that last year in 2013 they got $3 billion

acquisition offer from Facebook and which they turned down. Many heads & points rose after

this announcement because this was opportunity of the life time. Small companies crave for

a platform like this which turns the fate of every employee who was involved in building that


When people curiously askedSpigel (CEO of SnapChat) for the logic behind this rejection,

he remarks, “There are very few people in the world who get to build a business like this.” His

larger than life purpose of bring up this app surfaced in this statement, “I think trading that for

some short-term gain isn’t very interesting.”

But still many business analysts wonders this move as Spiegel and his co-founder would have

received more than $750 million dollars (Forbes Figures) after this deal. They’ve made up this

product with literally no revenue and when you end-up getting that amount, analyst argues why

they’ve made this move.

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