Reports Suggests That Snapchat Is About To Integrate Ads and News-borats wife

Snapchat Inc has long been providing its free messaging service devoid of any

advertisements. The report from the technology industry insiders suggests that Snapchat is

planning to introduce advertisements, news article and trending videos on its app platform.

Last year the social media giant Facebook has tried to acquire it for an astounding $3 billion

offer but it rebuffed without a second thought by Snapchat.

Snapchat Discovery To Debut In November With Ads

This US based start-up has held talks with the dominant advertisers and media companies for

providing content for its mobile application. Snapchat has tentatively titled the ads service

as the ‘Snapchat Discovery’ which would show the advertisement and related content to the

Snapchat users. The Snapchat Discovery is set to debut in November as per reports.

The Advertisement and Media Content Providers Are Upbeat

More than a dozen media and adverting companies are eagerly interested in providing

content for the Snapchat Discovery. The news and video content would be provided by the

leading newspaper, magazines and television networks. A news website runs by the British

newspaper the Daily Mail known as ‘MailOnline’ is one of highly potential news provider for

the Snapchat Discovery.
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Snapchat Discovery Would be Treat For App Users

This new service would let the users read daily edition of the publications, watch latest video

clips of TV shows and movies. It could be simply done by the users by holding down a

finger n the screen just like they do with the photos and messages on the Snapchat before


Earlier Attempts Of Snapchat To Generate Revenue

Snapchat has earlier made few not-so-charming attempts to make generate revenue. Last

year it has introduced Snapchat Stories which allowed the users and brands to post snaps

which used to last for a complete 24 hours on its network. During that time it could be

viewed as many times as the users wishes to. In order to gratify it younger users it has

allowed the brands like Taco Bell and McDonald’s to launch their accounts on the Snapchat.

It has even made meals with the eminent stars to distribute their branded messages on its

platform. It should be noted that sometimes the social celebrity’s deals used to get them about

$30000 per campaign.

Why Snapchat is going This Way?

Snapchat is looking forward to cash in as the marketers are growing eager to reach to its

commendable number of young and tech-savvy users which multiplying each passing month.

The Snapchat Inc is tight lipped about the real number of its users but the independent

sources reveal that it could be about 27 million users who are accessing this app from iPhone

and Android mobile platform. With its decision to join professional content providers the

Snapchat had made its services much more appealing to the advertisers. Other messaging

apps have found many different ways to make money beyond advertising, Snapchat is just

beginning to go by the same way, and is gearing to get into strong rivalry with competitors

like facebook.

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