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The latest photo sharing application creating buzz worldwide is SnapChat, the app with a


How different is SnapChat?

You are having one of those days when you all you want to do is being silly and stupid.

So you take awkward selfies of yourself and send them to your friend over SnapChat. Our

friend receives and sees it, have a laugh and within 10 seconds, boom, the image disappears.

Yes this is the exact advantage SnapChat offers you. The content you share is visible for a

maximum of 10 seconds, after which they get deleted from the server of the app, rendering it

invisible to the receiver for any further use.

Needless to say, this has made the app quite popular among teenagers and the young people,

in general. Any private image sent gets deleted before the receiver can even think of misusing

it in any way possible. In spite of this benefit, an online leak of SnapChat pictures has

shaken the trust of the customers upon the app. This leak made it to the breaking news

headline very soon and resulted into a global drop of the company’s profit.
Borats Wife He Has Done WellBorats Wife He Has Done Well

The snapChat leak controversy:

So what happened exactly? On the fatal date of 10th

by the name of 4chan made public thousands of images which were sent and received by

SnapChat picture app. Most of the images contained nudity and similar explicit content and

it was alleged that some of these photos were of under-age children and taken without their


How were the photos accessed?

As the founders of Snapchat have claimed, the app did not have any direct link with this

massive leak. In fact, some users who have logged in to third party apps and cyber clients

like Snapsaved or Snapgrab were the ones facing the exposure. The process is quite simple.

You simply log in to an app like this by giving your user credentials and henceforth you may

easily and freely save the hitherto deleted images sent via SnapChat. This breach of security

wherein private SnapChat photos and videos got leaked is being termed as “Snappening”.

Even though SnapChat is not exactly responsible for this disaster, a considerable amount

of users have lost confidence in the app. Some of these third party clients have taken their

website down but what’s done was done already!

The ephemeral nature of the app in question:

The developers do not claim that the app is perfect, and won’t exhibit bugs, delays; small

malfunctions etc. there may occur problem with handling and repeated uses. This is a

disclaimer that is at display in the application’s official website. This confession in itself puts

the ephemeral nature of the shared content of this app in question.

The users are of course aware that a simple screenshot of the sent image taken before the time

limit is enough to breach the temporariness of the content.

October, an anonymous message forum

However, the least they can do is not trust any third party clients with account information as

that can make their images and videos vulnerable to hackers who take advantage of the weak

configuration of these third party web clients.

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