Booty Snap Chat text and facebook girls hacked and want our Socks-Wake up call for all the snap chat users

Federal trade commission act claimed snap chat inappropriate for young generation. As this

app allegedly violates all the privacy norms that are required for a user of the app. Critics are

calling this snappening event a wake up alarm for the users. As the Snappening event has

awared the new users regarding the drawbacks of the app. Critics are warning the users to be

attentive in future . Critics are warning the teenagers to beware before sharing any intimate photo

or video online on snap chat. As the photo or video thus shared is not at all secured to the sender

it can easily traced by any user of the app. Although the inventors have promised the users full

security of their data but still till date they are un capable of maintaining their promise. Federal

trade commission says snap chat has violated many privacy norms and hence it is declared an

unsecure app for the users. As the information thus leaked can be used for any illegal means.

Attention users

FTC Says the phone number required to install this app on your device is not only restricted to

the app databases as promised by inventors of this app rather that phone number once entered

leaks all the contact numbers present in the phone to the snap chat databases. Thus all those

numbers are at high risk of being leaked to everyone for misusing it in any way in futures. It is

now the right time to take necessary steps for awaring the users about the fake security promised

by the app inventors. FTC wants to take some necessary steps so that these events don’t happen

in future, so that the users trust must not be violated in the future. To protect user’s data and

intimate photos and videos and images of child pornography some secured software is required

and according to FTC till date snap chat app has no provisions for that software.Booty Snap Chat Text And Facebook Girls Hacked And Want Our SocksBooty Snap Chat Text And Facebook Girls Hacked And Want Our Socks -Sexy girl with a nice round face. Do you want our Socks?

Third party app responsible for the cause

FTC says there is a third party app that is responsible for all these hacking. Third party app

which stores photos and videos as when they get disappeared from the app. Snap chat inventors

are blaming this software for this hacking they call this app as the culprit and root of all the

happening rather we can say third party app is the root of snappening. But FTC says security of

the users is the duty of inventors and they have violated all those security norms every time. But

now there is no scope of giving another chance to these promise breakers as they have always

violated the trust and security of the users.

Snapsave is the place where these photos and videos get saved and says as soon

as they are informed of the hack they immediately took strict actions and deleted the entire

website to protect users personal data and videos but FTC says this is also false promise made by

them as they have not at all deleted those photos and videos rather no necessary step is taken in

this direction. FTC says snap chat promises that if the sender takes the screenshot of the photo

thus shared then the sender is immediately intimated but this was again the false promise made

by them.


So FTC says this app is not at all secure for children and young users as there is very high scope

of personal information being leaked. So one should not opt to choose this app for photo or video

sharing with friends.

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