blue point tools with food stamps application office-Facebook Aims Snapchat by Their Slingshot App

Snapchat is a powerful photo sharing app of this time. It is being more popular day by day, in

this year its total users are 27 million, which was 11 million in the previous year. Facebook even

tried to buy snapchat app $3 billion, as various report say. But the snapchat authority does not

pay any heed to this proposal; even snapchat app has no revenue. Facebook is producing a

mobile messaging app, named Slingshot. Perhaps the Facebook authority tries to get the

snapchat users by their new mobile app. Those two apps are apparently similar, though there are

some certain comparisons. The authority released the app accidentally, last week. Some

Facebook users were able to get some glimpses before its removal from the store. The app is

available for the United States users from Tuesday. The users can use this app both in Android

and apple devices.

How to use Slingshot

You have to download the app, and then install it as you do other apps and games in your device.

Sign up with your mobile number or Facebook account. You can add your contacts by your

phone contacts or Facebook friends. Open the app, there is a ‘shoot’ button and a ‘selfie’ button;

use those according to your purpose. You can draw picture or edit message up to 140 characters,

then send your object to all or some of your contacts.

blue point tools with food stamps application office

blue point tools with food stamps application office


Advantages of Slingshot

It is Facebook’s 2nd app, they had a Snapchat like app called Poke but it did not caught on. 10

people had been working to produce Slingshot, since the January. At last their effort succeeds as

they are able to provide their mobile app for the people. Facebook authority is very much

confident about their new app. It is a ‘reciprocal, kind of community feel’ says Joey Flynn, the

Facebook product designer. Snapchat allows you to view snaps only by taping on the object. But

in Slingshot you can only watch a message if you send a reply. If you do not send a reply you

only can see a pixilated preview. This app allows you taking reaction shots. There is no time

limit like Snapchat, You can flick the object to the side, after seeing, and the objects destruct


Popularity of Snapchat

Snapchat has become now a very powerful app now. A report says that the half of the total

Snapchat app users is the teenage boys and girls of United States. This app is more popular

among the teen and young generation. Snapchat is a very controversial app and almost every day

it becomes the news headline. People often get themselves disclosed in the websites, they find

their nude pictures in some other websites, and those he / she shared in the snapchat app.

Sometimes the hacking and snapchat leak happens, and for that the users’ private objects

become public to the world.

The users have to b e responsible about their sharing in the social networking apps, and they

must be careful about choosing friends in those apps. You have to use those apps safely to be


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