The future of snapchat and its profit making plans-blaze hit it

A company which has barely made a name for itself as a social networking site and which goes

ahead and rejects an offer as tempting as 3 billion dollars from one of the leading social networks

in the market must either be planning a miracle which generates insane amounts of money or it

has “doom” written all over it. While the latter prospect seems to be more likely, the former has

every possibility of becoming true if the history of new ventures in the virtual world is evaluated

within the past decade.

blaze hit it

blaze hit it

Advertisement – A big asset

Snapchat is currently making news and what better way to attract sponsors than to actually be

in the headlines! Even though this social app is marketing in a way so that it can reach families

as a whole, teenagers are the ones who mostly use this newly launched feature in their phones.

These teens should be ones that the owners should be targeting for they receive hundreds of

friend pictures a day. Any ad sponsor would be delighted to have the opportunity to run their

advertisement in the form of a video or poster every dozen pictures or so. Moreover, teenagers

have more patience for the things they want badly to check out like friend pictures than when

they have to finish homework. These ads should not be much of a bother at all.


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