Consumers have delivered the Bikini review on Snapchat.

Now a day mobile applications or apps are the hot topic of the social media. Snapchat is the most popular all of them. It is an ephemeral type of mobile app in nature through it you can share photographs, short videos, friendship quotes and even money to your close ones through web help. More specifically you can say that it is an application which is used as a communicative medium by to youth only to have fun their near ones. Snap chat has become one of the most popular medium to share a picture with for android and other smart phone operating systems. It is free to download. The application was developed by Evan Spielgel, Bobby Murphey and Reggie Brown. This app is meant to share not only photos but videos, text and drawings as well. Users can send those things only to a controlled list of recipients. The sent photos, videos and other drawings are known as snaps.

Consumers have delivered the Bikini review on Snapchat

Features that make the application so special:

Snapchat is en-cashing the market through its ephemeral nature of sharing numerous photos to your close ones. Most of the cases it is found that the young or generation next people don’t like to waste their time and they are very much multi-tusker. So it is very easy to them to share any moment with the photo sharing ability through Snapchat. The main reason of its immense day by day arising popularity lies in, there is an option for the users to set on a particular time for the viewers to see the sent photos or the snapchat pictures and as the time will be over, the photo will automatically be deleted from snap chat’s server. During the period of viewing the photos, the recipient must retain a contact with the device. And if by any chance the recipient manages to take a screen shot by using the device, the sender will be notified soon. Or if any how the recipient takes a photo of the photo by using a camera, he will have to move his fingers from the screen of the device, hence there is a possibility that the recipient will not succeed to take a photo finally. So sign of hacking or malevolency is very low in this mobile app. The photos that are sent to the various recipients are ephemeral by their nature. Usually all of the photos stay on the screen of the recipient. The mentioned features make the application so special to the users.

User’s opinion about the cool app:

It has been claimed by the users to be the most helpful and easiest app to share not only words but also numerous photographs which depict your emotions more prominently with their loved ones and to make new friends. So they choose to leave behind the old school methodology of texting and using Snapchat photo, video sharing with the help of the fun sharing app. Funny images can be sent via the application. The application has a whole stock of clip art and it is also free.

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