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Snapchat is one of the most popular picture sharing apps. This is the age of social networking

medias, and Snapchat is working very effectively with its huge popularity. The popularity of this

app is increasing day by day and it is for its usefulness among the users. In this year the total

Snapchat users are 27 million, which was 14 million a year before. More than 500 million snaps

get shared in a day by the Snapchat users. This number is quite good for a social networking app.

For its increasing popularity among the users the app has defeated almost all of its competitor


Use of Snapchat

The app is picture sharing app; one can share image, video and message with his/ her Snapchat

friends through this app. The objects those get shared in this app are called the snaps. For sharing

a snap the user need to select the object first. After that the person need to select a time for the

existence of this snap, he/ she can select from one to ten seconds. After that the snap is ready to

be sent. After receiving the snap the receiver will be allowed to see the snap only for these

selected seconds, after that time the snap will be disappeared automatically from the device. The

person can’t store the snap in his/ her device. This disappearing feature is one of the most

important features of this social networking app; it has made it unique among the other apps. The

users like this disappearing feature of the app the most.Big White Crack Crackum JunctionBig White Crack Crackum Junction

New service of Snapchat

Snap chat is engage in updating its features and services to provide the users more facilities

usefulness. Snapchat stories are one of such services. For this service the app has now become

more active, and the involvement of the users is getting doubled. Snapchat Discover is one of

such services also. In this service the users are able to get news, articles, stories, advertise etc…

This is quite good for the users. The users can be more updated through these services along with

good communication with the Snapchat friends. Some sources say that the popularity of this app

will increase more with those new services, and the app will be more effective and strong among

the social networking apps.

Popularity of Snapchat

Millions of people are engage in using this social networking app… Mainly the teenagers are

interested in using this app more, though there are numerous adult users too. Some share their

intimate pictures, explicit and also hot Snapchat videos. And those explicit objects often get

misused by the hackers. The hackers spread the adult objects in various websites for money or

for some special purposes. Thus the privacy of the Snapchat users gets disclosed in front of the

whole world.

The app is getting more popularity with its new features and services those are taken only to

provide the users more facility. And for that the usefulness of the app is also getting increased

day by day.

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