big tree-Popularity, Doom And The Recovery Of Snapchat

Snap chat is that brand new, transitory messaging application that is booming gradually in the

modern age advertising industry with a super swift momentum. At a recent blog the owner of

this Los Angeles based company had admitted that the central is to convey the current updates of

each and every thing that’s going to create a ripple around, to the entire mass. But the audiences

play a key role since they play the decisive role that they will choose the app or leave it to get

doomed under rivalry.

What is snap chat?

Basically snap chat is a photo-texting app that is mainly invented and developed by the trio Mr.

Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel and Reggie brown. With the help of this application, the users can

click images or record any video and then add a text or a little chat to it, and then send them to a

flock of selected recipients. Well, such sent video and images are termed as snaps.

Well as far its benefits or popularity is concerned; it almost shook the ground of the modern

century with its advent. Nowadays, snap chat is not only popular amongst the youngsters who

use snapshot as the tool of expressing their fun activities and experiences. A school of

researchers assumed that since snap chat or snap shots are ephemeral in nature, it’s easy to

convey any secret message or image to the recipients since, there is no fear for spilling the bean




The secret of popularity

The researchers claim that the cause of its popularity is not only the ephemeral nature of it, that

keeps the users privacy intact, but because the users find it a fun activity to access it. Basically in

the modern decade, where life is equivalent to a race, which has turned earth into a wrestling

ground, where the humans are the puppets of time and social instructions, the advent of snap chat

is more like the arrival of a fresh, cool breeze in a desert, that allow the people to enjoy moment

that they spend on having fun with the snap chats.


However the app encountered numerous controversies at different times. When their photographs

were leaked by rivals, and when people felt insecure for the leakage, they encountered a setback.

However people gets enthusiastic not just for the right reasons, but also for the wrong reasons.

The leakage not just created waves of controversy but also created negative publicity in a way

that raised the brows of people who loves a leakage and fun generated from that. People love

nasty fun too, and when they get it free in such a way, they gobble it up with the sauce of

negative media publicity and more dirty talks. The same thing happened here too, and people

who wanted to and could take fun from the episode, absorbed all they could, and are still doing it

till date.

The rise to domination

But thankfully the bugs have been fixed now, and now people know how to use the app for all

the right reasons. Snapchat is still getting lots of downloads everyday in tabs, smartphones and

phablets, but for the right reasons. It’s extreme level of digital marketing, and advertising, that

has taken over the app’s use, and people have started using it as the next gen advertising method.

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